A Customer is the most important person ever in this office.........in person or by mail. A Customer is not dependent on us........we are dependent on him. A Customer is the person who brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them profitably to him & to ourselves. A Customer has many choices but customer is our only choice.
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Today we are a leading manufacturing of the most complete and diversified line of electric heating product. Our continued commitment for innovation and engineering research improvements are the four front to a solid reputation for quality workmanship. To meet the accelerating and ever changing requirements on hundreds of diversified applications in a wide range of industries our team of experienced professionals with a vast knowledge in design engineering heater applications and customer services disciplines provide you with a winning combination for solving your specific heating process and temperature control application with stander or custom made heating elements or products.

Thousands of standard size of various types heating elements pulse a complete line of temperature controllers and accessories are available from stock or through our network of distributions and dealers.

The possibilities with Emkay are unlimited whether you are an O E M design engineering a purchasing agent or involved in research get the answer to your requirements from Emkay.
There is no easy way to gain the confidence of you the customer not by self declaration advertisements not personal relationships. It must be earned by consistent performance . Because your long term satisfaction is our most precious and strongest asset. We thank you for your sport and serving your process heating and temperature look forward to control requirements.

Heaters : Mica Band Heater | Ceramic Band Heater | Ceramic Strip Heater | Ceramic Finned Strip Heater | Tubular Heater | Tubular Heater Finned Type | Cartridge Heater(HD & LD) | Sealed Nozzle Heater | Mica Insulated Strip Heater
Heat Controllers & Accessories : Thermostat Heat Controllers 20A | Thermostat Heat Controllers 15A | Simmerstat Energy Regulator | Limit Switches
Energy Power Saver : Ceramic Jacked Heater | Mica Jacketed Heater | ISO-Thermal Pad
Other Products : Emkay Counting Meter | Emkay Welding Torch | Emkay Heat Tracers

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