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Typical Applications
  Heat Sealing Equipment  Packaging Equipment
  Shone Machinery   Food Processing
  Laminated Equipment   Labeling Machines
  Mods & Dies   Refrigeration
  Plastic Extruders   Heating Gases & Liquids
Emkay offers the most comprehensive
selection in cartridge heaters

EMKAY CARTRIDGE HEATER were developed for heating applications not requiring high watt densities nor sheath temperatures exceeding 1200F (650C) with maximum watt densities of 30 to 45 watts per square inch depending on application.

Emkay Cartridge heater design consist of a helically wound resistance coil made from nickel-chrome wire, evenly stretched & strung through holes in a round cordierite ceramic insulator. Emkay Cartridge Heaters are manufactured in a complete range of standard physical dimensions, electrical ratings and lead termination.

Our Engineering staff stands ready to assist you in selecting and designing cartridge heater to meet your most demanding specifications for your particular heating application.

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