Emkay finned strip heaters are designed for optimum   operating efficiency and performance

Design Features Typical ApplicationS
Rugged Durable Construction Duct Heater
Galvanized Plated Sheath Shrinking Tunes
Trouble Free Installation Space Heater
Various Termination Air Heating
G.P.Sheath fins Drying Ovens
Made To Customers Specifications Heat Curing
Food Warmers
EMKAY FINNED STRIP HEATER are extremely efficient and dependable as a heat source for hundreds of industrial and commercial applications. Used for mounting across air stream with forced-air ducts, or to heat by convention.

Galvanized Plated fins are mounted to the rectangular tubing. The fins have been specially designed to provide maximum surface contact for good heat dissipation into the finned Cross Sections, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer to air.

EMKAY FINNED STRIP HEATERS are manufactured in a full line of standard sizes, electrical rating and terminations or made to your specifications.