Mica Jacketed Heater

EMKAY MICA – POWER SAVER HEATER  To meet the accelerating and ever increasing demand for Heavy Heating with the low power consumption, Emkay has developed successfully mica-power saver heaters

Since’ money saving is money earnings’. Our main emphasis is to reduce the overall cost of production responsible due to heating zone. Electricity bills are the basic problem for every factory and people are unaware of this fact that a lot of Power in their unit gets wasted. It’s very common fact that the radiation heat from heaters that waste out in the factory is of no use. With the installation of these type of heaters there will not be any radiation heat and the whole wattage is used at the optimum. Our claim is 40% of energy conservation with these types of heaters & pads. Energy Conservation be possible by two ways.

Emkay Engineering staff, with many years of experience in heat processing and temperature control applications can assist you in designing the right Mica band heater for your specific applications.

There is an in-built in insulation jacket covering. With different layer of insulation material inside it. That prevent the radiation heat to go out in the atmosphere.
Secondly, reduction in the actual wattage required by 40% in such types of heaters and serving the same heat purpose
Minimum power Consumption
Maximum Heat
No radiation heat in the unit …cool atmosphere
Uniform heating to the machinery
Reduce the electricity bills
Quick Reheating During Break Down
Investment Recovery with- in-2-3 Months
High Production Rate
Design Features Typical Application
Good temperature Uniformity Plastic Processing Machinery
Box Terminal Injection Molding Machine
Steel Breaded fiber Glass wire Blow Molding Machine
Multi Layer of Insulating Materials Extruders